places to Roam Around In A Chartered Yacht

The Best SIX Places To Roam Around In A Chartered Yacht

Dreamers are the ones who do things that are in their arena to explore and visit places all around the world like in the movie called “AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS’ which was based on Jules Verne’s novel. It stars Jackie Chan, Steve Coogan, and Cecile de France. From the Southwest Pacific and mediterranean sea, there are a thousand places to roam around in a yacht.


It gave me motivation to plan a vacation to explore the water bodies that are the famous tourist destination and beyond that, experience the life there. We know the culture of the mainland but how much do we know about the life in the water bodies. Times just passes dreaming about things that we want achieve or reach. But people who not just dream but act on it would definitely see the reality of their dream.


Days of dreaming are over, now it’s time to turn them into reality. Firstly, it’s important to plan a vacation or have a travel guideline with you that is resolved through a research either through the internet or people that are involved in that industry. Going through all that, I found out the most amazing and coolest places to roam in a yacht as people now can easily afford to charter a Yacht that costs around $1500 for a week to $50000 for a week depending on the luxury you are looking for.

Southeast Asia:
Fiji, Thailand, Australia –

There are 26 destinations in Asia where you would want to charter a yacht. Sailors bring you the most amazing tours to the place of your choice. What makes these destinations so perfect? Asia, as we know, is the cluster of multi-languages and beautiful natural sights that could be explored yet you won’t be satisfied. Voyage in many parts of Asia such as Thailand (French Riviera), Fiji, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and borders of the Indian ocean can make you fall in love with it forever and ever.

The sandy beach that is covered with a number of palm trees, brown rocks, big waves in the water have attracted many and their reviews have always been positive. People who once visited these places have wondered its beauty and water adventure sports that these places have to offer as a host.

Mediterranean sea:
Greece/Turkey, Italy, Spain
It is a perfect destination in Europe as Greece(Cyclades), Italy(Dalmatia), Egypt, Turkey, Italy(Sicily), Portugal, Istanbul and Spain(Balearics) share the same border. Every state has a yard at the beach, but most of the Yachts sail in the sea thus making it a hub for itt. It is also known to be the summer destination for many. These places offer limitless possibilities to go anywhere in the region that you desire. Bequia is one of the best-kept secrets in there, often known as “Caribbean sea’ as it makes an idyllic cruising spot for super-yacht seeking out seclusion.

Caribbean sea

According to a social media study, it was found that European countries own the maximum number of the yacht. It is as easy to book/rent/charter a yacht as it is to click on a mouse. Don’t miss out heading to the Aeolian Island which is 35 miles north of Sicily as they offer you many volcanic islands and as clear as in the Bahamas with exceptional cuisines and breathtaking landscape.

Our yacht blog conclusion:


When you plan for a voyage on a chartered yacht pinpoints these points:
1.The company from which you have booked your yacht should give you a detailed itinerary of the destinations, licences and facilities.
2. Keen hikers can even make their way into the forests and take a five where ever they feel Like.
3.Understand the water body rules of the countries on your route.

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