Caribbean Yachting Destinations

Top Caribbean Islands For Yachting

Vacations! This word instantly makes everyone happy and excited. But what is better than vacations? Vacations on a yacht exploring some islands. Yes, you read it right. Being surrounded by the oceans and seas, green palm and coconut trees, having a hut on the sand…

places to Roam Around In A Chartered Yacht

The Best SIX Places To Roam Around In A Chartered Yacht

Dreamers are the ones who do things that are in their arena to explore and visit places all around the world like in the movie called “AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS’ which was based on Jules Verne’s novel. It stars Jackie Chan, Steve Coogan,…

how to Pack For A Sailing Trip

Tips On How To Pack For A Sailing Trip

Sailing is great fun. There is nothing better than spending a long weekend wandering in the oceans and exploring new places with your friends and family. The salty wind messing your hair, the suntan and the fresh fragrance of oceans are all perks of sailing….

Types of Yachts

Different Types of Yachts Explained

There is no single illustrated explanation for Yacht which is a Dutch word which means “hunt” that refers to the recreational boat or ship that sails on the water bodies which is intended for luxury, watercraft and accommodation of people who are fond of yacht…


Tubber- Airbnb Of Fancy Boats And Yachts

How many times have you daydreamed about sailing off on a luxury yacht with your special someone? Or just renting a yacht for a new year party with your friends? Are you a kind of person who likes adventure? Well, Tubber might be able to…