Parts Of The Mainsail

Know Your Yacht : Parts Of The Mainsail

You must’ve gone on various sailing trips and expeditions, you must be aware of all the sites in the ocean, you must be equipped with the knowledge of how to behave on a yacht and maybe you also own a yacht, But does that make…

how to Pack For A Sailing Trip

Tips On How To Pack For A Sailing Trip

Sailing is great fun. There is nothing better than spending a long weekend wandering in the oceans and exploring new places with your friends and family. The salty wind messing your hair, the suntan and the fresh fragrance of oceans are all perks of sailing….

expensive yacht

5 World’s Most Expensive Yachts And Their Owners

Yacht! Big enough to take at least a city in. Well if it’s this much large then the owners must be billionaires who spend on buying this just to go on family holiday’s or to spend some quality time. The yacht cost serious cash and…

yacht glossary

Glossary Related to Yachting and Boating

There are a lot of lesser known terms related to yachting and boating. This blog contains some necessary glossary related to yachting to help you learn all about it. A Aft Deck- The guest area closest to the back of the boat on motor yachts….

Types of Yachts

Different Types of Yachts Explained

There is no single illustrated explanation for Yacht which is a Dutch word which means “hunt” that refers to the recreational boat or ship that sails on the water bodies which is intended for luxury, watercraft and accommodation of people who are fond of yacht…